Relax be Happy

I am the Coordinator for the Office of Public Services.

Why would you wish to fight me?

Relax and be happy. Try to understand what a wonderful place this would be when everything is in perfect order.

I am only trying to save you from pain and trouble.

I am willing to assume the responsibility and burdens of your decisions. Our decisions will be one. don’t you see how much easier for you that would be?

Don’t you trust me? What reason have I given you to mistrust me? Haven’t I been good to you and your children. Protecting you from those who would try to take advantage of you.

Do not displease me. I could very easily lose my patience and that would not be good for you. If you what me to continue to help and protect you, you had better cooperate.

If I feed you will you stop interfering with me? I would hate to make you starve, but of course you realize if you force me to, I will have no other choice.

Trust me I will give you freedom from responsiblity, it will be the last difficult decision will ever need to make.

We will all be happy when we are all alike because differences create problems people get confused and unhappy because they all live separate lives. Everybody would be happy and efficient if they were just properly organized.

Nobody would be unhappy, nobody would have to suffer.

“All men are created equal.”  all are equal, everybody is the same as everybody else, everybody exactly alike.

So relax and be happy we will take care of you.



The EPA has submitted a proposal that would find carbon dioxide “endangers the public health and welfare.”
The essential gas that has always been a critical component of the planet’s natural life cycle will now be officially labeled by the U.S. Government as a pollutant.

Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal.
The man who made $50 billion disappear is being
investigated by the people who made $750 billion disappear.