Charles Krauthammer on ObamaCare

Charles Krauthammer on ObamaCare.


ObamaCare violates the Constitution

ObamaCare violates the Constitution down to its “very DNA,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch in a speech on the Senate floor on February 9. “At its core, the law and its expansion of government are a threat to personal liberty…As the state controls more and more of our lives to further a political agenda, our freedom is put in greater and greater jeopardy.”

The controversy over ObamaCare’s mandate for “free” preventive care is the most recent.

The issue is being disguised as a fight over whether women should be guaranteed access to “free” sterilization procedures and contraceptives, including drugs that cause abortions. But the real question is over whether health plans and employers can be compelled to provide products and services that violate their religious beliefs.

Religious freedom — which has been called ‘our first liberty’ — is ingrained in the very fabric of our national culture,” Sen. Rand Paul wrote recently. “But HHS and the administration have decided that their goal of state-run health care trumps our first liberty. What the president is attempting to do here is something generally witnessed only in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.”

Two constitutional questions are before the Court in this term: First, the court will decide whether families can be compelled to spend up to $20,000 of their ownl money to buy a private product (expensive health insurance) every year for the rest of their lives, or pay a fine. The Obama administration argues government does have this power under its  interpretation of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

Second, the court is being asked to decide whether states can be compelled to expand access to their Medicaid programs, which many states say would bankrupt their treasuries. The constitutional question here is the meaning of states’ protection from federal incursion under the Tenth Amendment. The states are being commandeered by the federal government to implement key aspects of the healthcare law. If they refuse, the federal government will come in and take over.

UK Privatizing its Health-Care

Prime Minister David Cameron, the Tory MP who heads a coalition government in England, is working to partially privatize the NHS, beginning a massive outsourcing of medical services to private health care providers throughout the U.K.

which comes as the British government scales back on entitlement spending, hoping to avoid a Greek-style financial meltdown. Read more:


10 Healthecare pitfalls in the years ahead.

1. Higher premiums —  “It is unrealistic to expect that none of us will see any increases.”

2. Pre-existing Condition Falsehood — There is a four-year gap before this loophole is actually closed; a fact the White House conveniently kept from sharing.

3. Shrinking Medicare payments to doctors —  the federal government will now have to be on high alert for doctors who stop seeing seniors altogether due to Obamacare.

4. Increased Senior Citizen Health Insurance Premiums and Higher Prescription Drug Costs  in 2011.

5. Drastic Cuts in Medicare Advantage — Under Obamacare, many plans will now be cut, not just frozen.

6. Medicare Judgment Panel — In 2012, a panel will be instituted to judge “proper” treatment of Medicare patients. which may lead to worries about what the board might do to seniors’ care.

7. Medicare Tax Hike — Two looming 2013 tax hikes could destroy the wealth of millions of Americans. One is a 3.8% levy on your retirement funds!

8. Weakened Tax Deductions — Gone will be the days when much of your healthcare costs were tax deductible.

9. Healthcare Fines for Small Businesses — This possible job killer buried in Obamacare potentially threatens your employer.

10. A 2.5% Fine for Americans — If you don’t have health insurance, you may be fined 2.5% of your annual income.

Electronic Health Records.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which passed in March, calls for adoption of electronic health records.

Sisters of Mercy Health Systems, a not for profit hospital is completing a $60 million data center to accommodate  EHRs and other e-health measures.

Other health care systems are making similar investments, guess where the money is coming from?

” We need health care reform and I don’t care how much it costs.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Easy to say when it’s not your money you’re spending.

Medical services for injured Vet’s

There is a tremendous need for medical services for injured men and women returning from active military service that military insurance will not cover.

A group of medical providers have stepped up to help by forming Healing Heros Network, a 501(c) (3) organization to provide those services.

They need your help. Please visit

Entering the inaugural Mustang Dream Giveaway will benefit Healing Heros Network by providing the funds to carry out their important mission.

Again that’s