Are they against reform or for it

After fighting against health-care reform insurers and drug makers are fighting to keep it.

In exchange for tighter regulation and new directives, insurers, drug makers, hospitals and physicians will get some 30 million new paying customers under the individual mandate requiring everyone to  buy insurance or pay a fine starting in 2014.

The insurance and health care industry are lobbying to keep the mandate. The prospect of 30 million new customers has helped to create a 7.4 percent increase since Jan.1 in the standard & Poor’s 500 Managed Health Care Index.

Doctors and hospitals don’t want to give up Medicaids expansion to 16 million new people.

Drug makers worry a repeal could undo a side deal that stops Medicare from negotiating drug prices, plus the agreement to continue blocking the re-importation of drugs from Canada. Both deals help drug makers to fend off pressure to lower drug prices.

I guess they were against reform until they found out there was money to be made from it.


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