10 Healthecare pitfalls in the years ahead.

1. Higher premiums —  “It is unrealistic to expect that none of us will see any increases.”

2. Pre-existing Condition Falsehood — There is a four-year gap before this loophole is actually closed; a fact the White House conveniently kept from sharing.

3. Shrinking Medicare payments to doctors —  the federal government will now have to be on high alert for doctors who stop seeing seniors altogether due to Obamacare.

4. Increased Senior Citizen Health Insurance Premiums and Higher Prescription Drug Costs  in 2011.

5. Drastic Cuts in Medicare Advantage — Under Obamacare, many plans will now be cut, not just frozen.

6. Medicare Judgment Panel — In 2012, a panel will be instituted to judge “proper” treatment of Medicare patients. which may lead to worries about what the board might do to seniors’ care.

7. Medicare Tax Hike — Two looming 2013 tax hikes could destroy the wealth of millions of Americans. One is a 3.8% levy on your retirement funds!

8. Weakened Tax Deductions — Gone will be the days when much of your healthcare costs were tax deductible.

9. Healthcare Fines for Small Businesses — This possible job killer buried in Obamacare potentially threatens your employer.

10. A 2.5% Fine for Americans — If you don’t have health insurance, you may be fined 2.5% of your annual income.


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