National health care

Federal tax incentives were created for people to get health insurance through their employers. But people who don’t get their health insurance through an employer are denied the same tax deduction for health insurance that their employers get.

Meanwhile, state governments must approve the insurers allowed to operate in their states, while mandating a list of services — i.e. every “medical” service if you need it or not.

If Democrats really wanted people to be able to purchase health insurance when they move or lose a job as easily as they purchase car insurance and home insurance  they could do it in a one-page bill lifting the government controls and allowing interstate commerce in health insurance.

National health care will not cover abortions or illegal immigrants.
Then why were amendments voted down  that would prohibit coverage for illegals and abortion?

Obama claims health care reform will reduce costs to the Treasury, the independent Congressional Budget Office determined that the House plan will actually cost an astounding $1 trillion-$1.5 trillion in the next ten years, which will be added directly to the federal debt.

Do you think the government can provide “competition” to the private health insurance market when they failed to accurately estimate how many government workers it would take to administer cash-for-clunkers, they had to take employees from the FAA – air traffic controllers  to help manage the demand.

And what about the car dealerships the program was supposed to help?  The rebates were supposed to be paid within 10 days, only 7 percent have been paid so far, leaving dealers with millions of dollars in unfunded government promises.

Death panels are not in the bill.
Obama’s resolves to cut health care costs, he has repeatedly reminded us that half of all such costs are incurred in the last six months of life, “Take the blue pill instead of getting the surgery” points straight to rationed care for the elderly where drugs, procedures and operations necessary to life are going to be curtailed or cut.

How do you cut care for the elderly and terminally ill without advancing the date of their deaths? Sarah Palin may have been factually incorrect, but?

Barney Frank say the government option is the best way to a single-payer system.
Obama  says he wants competition. But  has spoken of favoring a single-payer system and has said a public option is the first step on a march to a single-payer system.

So what makes me think that HR 3200 will not lead to a government take-over of our heath-care system.

Because he said so does not work for me. But you make up your own mind.


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